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No-one is illegal

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Semiotic [Jun. 14th, 2008|06:27 pm]
No-one is illegal
Hello No-one is Illegal.
I love the message of this group and I'd just like to inform you of Semiotic [I hope this isn't against the rules]. We're basically a forum, but we're pretty well devoted to politics, ethics, religion and, most importantly causes and awareness.
I'd just like to extend an invitation to you all to join up, and post petitions and ways that we can help people being denied entry into countries when they need it most.
As an Australian, I know about detention centres [we have mandatory detention for those who try and enter without the 'correct papers'] and I see it as a barbaric practise. People are just looking in their own self interest and what they NEED. As a country that is statistically more fortunate I believe we have the duty to give what we can.

I'd be great to see you.